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Who To Call In Case of Power Outage:
TDSP (Transmission & Distribution Service Provider) or Power Delivery Companies transmit & deliver electricity to your home or business. These companies are responsible for maintaining & repairing distribution wires, transformers, and related equipment. TDSPs are regulated by PUC (Public Utility Commission). In the event of a power outage, call TDSP in your area per list below: 
Oncor (Dallas/Ft Worth Service area) 888-313-4747
Centerpoint Energy (Houston Area)  800-332-7143
AEP (CPL-South Texas Service area)  866-223-8508
AEP (WTU-West Texas Service area)  866-223-8508
Texas New Mexico Power (First Choice Power) 888-866-7456

Commercial Electricity Brokering:

Allow us to find you the best electric rate at no cost to you. Please include your location address and if yu know it a ballpark yearly or monthly usage per kwh. Contact us by email or call at 469-544-6209.  Thank You.


About Electricity in Texas:

Did you realize that Texas has a deregulated energy industry?  You can take advantage of the multitude of energy providers competing to give you the best rates. Texas has it's own  power grid and ~75% power is generated from clean resources, that being natural gas, wind, solar, biomass.